Shoulder Calisthenics

Shoulder calisthenics are a great way to improve shoulder strength, tone and stability. They’re bodyweight exercises that don’t require specialised equipment, which means they’re adaptable for any environment and are easy to do anywhere. Performing these workouts can also improve posture and help reduce shoulder pain and stiffness. Strengthening and toning the shoulders not only helps build a muscular physique, but it also makes your day-to-day activities easier to complete by relieving strain from other muscle groups like the back and neck.

There are several calisthenic shoulder exercises that can be done to target the shoulder muscles, but we’ve focused on two particularly effective movements: Pike push-ups and handstand push-ups. Both of these are advanced moves that need significant skill and practice to be performed properly, but the effort put into learning them will be well worth it once you start seeing the benefits.

Another great shoulder calisthenic is the Wall Walk-Up, which is similar to a regular push up but requires an elevated surface like a bench, chair or wall. The movement looks simple, but it challenges every muscle in the shoulder girdle and promotes balanced development.

Wide grip pull-ups are another good calisthenic exercise for the shoulders. Unlike the typical pull up, which involves pulling your weight down towards the ground and straining the neck, this variation targets the deltoids. The best part is that you don’t need any special equipment to perform this exercise, although we recommend finding a bar that’s a little higher than your normal height to avoid any unnecessary stress.

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