Shutters Newcastle – Window Furnishings That Are Easy to Clean and Provide Excellent Light and Heat Control

The city of Newcastle, located on Australia’s east coast, is a popular tourist destination and a vibrant hub for business and cultural activity. With a pristine ocean and bushland backdrop, Newcastle possesses the relaxed beach culture of its Far North cousins, combined with the cosmopolitan cafe, wine and food scene found in Sydney’s suburbs. The city’s thriving population means that there are many new homes, apartments, shops and office buildings being built each year. This means there is a growing need for residential and commercial building owners to update their windows and window furnishings with quality blinds and shutters that are easy to clean and provide excellent light and heat control.

At Shutters Newcastle, we offer a wide range of window furnishings to suit all styles and budgets. Our shutters are available in both timber and aluminium with a choice of finishes and colours. Our timber shutters are crafted from locally-sourced Australian hardwoods such as Oak, Jarrah and Cedar that have been specially treated to ensure they are durable and weather resistant. Our Aluminium shutters are powder-coated in a range of colours that will complement the existing style of your home, while our aluminium shutters are available in a classic white finish for an elegant aesthetic.

Our roller shutters can be installed as either fixed, hinged or sliding. They can also be custom-sized to fit a specific space or window opening. Depending on your needs, we can also install them as full-height or cafe style shutters, which are ideal for larger windows and open plan living areas. For example, we recently completed a full-height cafe style shutter installation in a stunning home in Gosforth. These beautiful slatted shutters add an instant sense of style and elegance to the kitchen area, whilst allowing plenty of natural sunlight to flood the room.

Window shutters are an effective way to block out the harsh sun’s UV rays that can damage furniture and carpets. Their ability to be positioned at various heights allows you to choose the amount of sunlight that enters your home, minimising glare and protecting your valuable possessions from UV damage.

As an added benefit, shutters can help to increase the thermal regulation of your home or office by reducing airflow through your windows, which helps reduce the cost of heating and cooling. Our shutters are also a great way to increase your home or commercial building’s privacy and security, as they are able to be locked securely in place when closed. This is especially important in the case of large windows, which are a magnet for burglars and vandals. They can also be fitted with a wide variety of optional accessories, such as slat dividers, tilt rods and child safety cleats. Shutters Newcastle

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