Siberia Snus Review

The Swedish snus has been in use for four to five decades now and research shows that it is a very popular substitute for tobacco smoking. This is thought to be one of the reasons why smoking rates among Swedish men are lower than in any other European country.

Studies show that snus use doesn’t increase the risk of lung cancer, cardiovascular disease or pancreatic cancer as compared to smoking. It is also known to decrease the risks for oral, pharyngeal and oesophageal cancer.


In the 1700s Swedish tobacco growers had made a breakthrough. They started growing tobacco in several places, notably in Skane, Granna and Alingsas. The introduction of the new product was highly popular among the upper class, especially in Copenhagen, and it gained momentum when Jean Nicot, French ambassador to Lisbon, recommended snus to Queen Catherine de Medici for her headaches. She tried it and got rid of her headaches instantly.

The use of snus was on the rise in Sweden until it lost popularity to cigarette smoking during the 1960’s. It started to regain popularity in the 1970’s, when Swedish Match introduced the first portion-packed snus that could be stored in tobacco pouches.

Today, snus is an integral part of Swedish culture. It is available in loose format, the traditional way, as well as in tobacco pouches. The latter have opened up the snus market to people who did not previously consider using smokeless tobacco because it eliminates the need for cleaning and makes it more convenient to use.


siberia Snus White Dry Portion is an extremely strong snus containing 43 mg of nicotine per gram. This makes it one of the strongest snus pouches on the market and is not for snus beginners! The chew bags are unmoistened and drier than traditional snus so they run less and keep their flavour longer.

The tobacco used in snus is air cured which gives a unique and intense flavour. It also means that snus contains lower concentrations of the carcinogens such as nitrosamines, which are linked to cancer, myocardial infarction and other diseases than cigarettes do.

The tobacco is mixed with salt and water in closed blenders under strict quality control, then heated and stirred for a short period of time, before it is allowed to cool. This is a key process in the production of snus, which gives it its special texture and flavour. It is then sifted through a sieve to remove any loose tobacco particles, before it is ready for packaging.


The flavorings used in snus can be natural or synthetic. The natural flavors are derived from spices and herbs, while the synthetic ones are created using chemicals. The tobacco in snus is dried and ground into small pieces. This process makes it easier for the mucous membrane to absorb nicotine, which is then released into the bloodstream. The flavorings add aroma and taste.

Snus is often packaged in small pouches that can be placed discreetly under the lip. Loose snus, which is often referred to as pris or buga, can be formed into a cylindrical shape with the fingers or with special purpose-made devices. It is then tucked in place and sometimes topped with an extra bit of snus, such as a prell.

GN Tobacco manufactures several different types of snus. Their products are usually divided into categories based on their strength and nicotine content. For example, the snus Siberia -80c All White Extremely Strong has an extremely high nicotine content of 43 mg per gram. The snus also has a low moisture content, which means it hardly runs and lasts longer.


Unlike cigarettes, snus is uncured tobacco. It is packaged in a variety of ways, from loose snus to individual portions. It is usually refrigerated for short-term storage, but some manufacturers use a dry form of snus which doesn’t require refrigeration.

Portion-packed snus is filled into plastic cans and sealed. The contents are then weighed and labeled. Snus is usually stored in a cool, dry environment because it loses moisture quickly.

Siberia slim is a strong white dry snus that delivers an intense nicotine experience. It has a high 43mg/g and is more than twice as strong as other super-strong Swedish snus on the market. It has a fresh spearmint taste and the portions are slim-shaped to comfortably fit under your lip. It also comes in a slick hockey puck design can that is perfect for your snus storage. This is a strong product for those with the stomach for it. It could be a bit too intense for snus beginners, so proceed with caution!

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