Stuffed Animals Support Our Brains

When it comes to growing up, we’re told that as we get older, we should move away from childish objects such as stuffed animals. However, these cuddly toys support us mentally in ways that should never be ignored. If we’re feeling stressed out, simply petting a teddy bear can lower our cortisol levels, much like petting an actual animal would.

A number of studies have found that stuffed animals can promote children’s cognitive and social skills, particularly in the areas of language development and emotional regulation. This is because interacting with their favorite teddy bear or cat helps them learn to communicate effectively, even if they aren’t quite ready to talk about their feelings yet. Additionally, reading to their stuffed animal helps them develop essential literacy skills that can benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Stuffed animals can also help children cope with separation anxiety, as they provide them with a sense of stability and comfort in times of transition. This is especially useful during times of separation from parents or loved ones, such as when a child begins preschool or moves to a new home.

Many adults have also reported that they still sleep with their childhood teddy bear or other stuffed animal. Although this may seem strange to some, these soft companions can be a great source of comfort for adults, and they can help improve their sleep quality. A weighted teddy bear or blanket can be particularly soothing, as it encourages the release of serotonin and dopamine, which can boost feelings of calm and relaxation. stuffed animals

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