The Best Holiday Destinations in the World

Savvy British travellers are opportunistic, visiting destinations that offer the best holiday deals as the pound reaches rare strength against depleted currencies. Street-level thrills and high culture are found in New York, while Scottsdale, Arizona provides a desert getaway of year-round sun, golfing and upscale dining.

Norfolk’s reclaimed countryside offers easy coastal walks, bird watching and genuinely affordable glamping. The Lake District’s remarkable landscape has inspired artists for decades, while Stratford Upon Avon is a top UK destination with rich historical heritage.


The pristine blue lagoons and thriving coral reefs of the Maldives make it one of the most popular vacation destinations. It’s also a top honeymoon spot, but recent trends are seeing it transform into an adventurous and backpacking destination.

For those looking to explore the Maldives outside of resorts, try Guraidhoo Island. It has a bikini beach, where visitors are allowed to swim in swimwear (which is usually prohibited on other beaches due to Islamic law). The island is also home to several restaurants and bars. It’s a great choice for individual travelers and families with kids. The beach is also known for its ethereal water glow that occurs at night thanks to microscopic plankton.


India is one of the most diverse countries in the world, which explains why it has plenty of great holiday destinations. While some are a bit cliched, they still have a charm of their own and promise an amazing experience.

Located in South India, Kerala is a popular summer vacation destination for tourists. With picturesque beaches, serene landscape, and a rich cultural past, this tropical paradise is perfect for those looking for a relaxing getaway.

Amritsar is famous for the Golden Temple and offers several other tourist attractions. The city also has a lively nightlife and delicious food that will make your trip even more fun.


From iconic Tokyo to enchanting Kyoto and historic Hiroshima, Japan is full of wonders and exciting attractions. And its fascinating culture has been, thankfully, resilient to wars and natural disasters.

Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto, Kiyomizudera temple in Kyoto and Itsukushima shrine on Miyajima island are all must-sees for temple lovers. Meanwhile, the ancient Himeji castle and UNESCO World Heritage Site offers a look at old-world architecture.

For history buffs, Takayama’s thatched farmhouses and local sake make for a cultural highlight. Or head to Nikko, the final resting place of a great unifier and boasts a wealth of shrines and temples in lush forests.


With its Mediterranean sunshine and mouth-watering cuisine, Turkey has always been a star holiday destination. Now, record affordability is making it even more alluring.

Located on the southwest coast of Turkey, Marmaris is a stunning cruise port resort. Its beaches, water parks and historic heritage make it the perfect place for families.

Classic ruins overlook the sandy shores of this popular beach town. Serious walkers should try the 540km Lycian Way which runs right past this sleepy hamlet.


For those seeking a unique experience, America is home to many jaw-dropping sights. Discover mountain resort towns surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes and buzzing cities that ooze culture.

Wake up early to catch a breathtaking sunrise at Cadillac Mountain, the first place the sun touches in the US. Or drive through Yellowstone National Park to see untouched wilderness and exotic animals like grizzly bears and moose.

For those looking to relax, Salt Lake City is a great choice. It offers a unique touristy vibe and pleasant weather. The capital of Utah is also a great place to indulge in exciting activities like hiking, kayaking, fly fishing, and rafting.


A trip to Hawaii is one of the best holiday destinations because it’s a tropical paradise with beaches, palm trees, exotic flowers and tasty local foods. You can also go snorkelling or scuba diving and even see active volcanoes.

The islands’ natural beauty includes breathtaking mountains, high cliffs and canyons, rainforests and volcanic lava flows. It’s also known for its beautiful beaches that feature white, black and green sand.

Hawaii’s beaches are popular among surfers, and many of the world’s top surfing competitions are held here. Visitors can also experience Polynesian customs and culture like hula dancing and a luau feast of roast pig. best holiday destinations

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