Treatments For Sex Addiction

If sexual addiction is consuming your life and interfering with your daily functions, it may be time to seek treatment. Talk to a mental health professional who will assess your situation without judgment. A trained therapist will work with you to determine what kind of sex addiction you have and can provide a variety of treatment options to help you overcome it.

Like all addictions, a person with sex addiction experiences a powerful urge that drives them to repeat behaviors, even in the face of negative consequences. Similar to cravings for alcohol or drugs, the compulsion to engage in sex can cause people to neglect work, family and social responsibilities, often at great cost.

In some cases, compulsive sexual behavior can lead to changes in brain pathways, especially in the areas that control reward and punishment. This means that, over time, a person will need more and more intense sexual content and stimulation to feel the same reward and relief.

Some treatments for sex addiction focus on therapy and support groups that allow you to connect with others who share your struggles with compulsive sexual behavior. Others address underlying issues that led to the behavior, such as a history of childhood trauma. Medications, such as mood stabilizers, might also be helpful for people with co-occurring disorders, like depression or anxiety. A twelve-step program like Sex Addicts Anonymous can be a valuable resource as well.

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