Vintage Turkish Rugs

Rug weaving is a long-held tradition in Turkey, one of the most significant weaving regions in history. It is also a cultural practice of the highest order, and Turkish weavers are known for their mastery of both modern and ancient patterns. As the country has evolved over the centuries — a result of revolving dynasties, warring neighbors and shifting economic fortunes — so too have its rug styles.

Whether you’re looking to add a hint of bohemian allure or simply tie together your space, vintage Turkish rugs are an inspired choice. These heirloom-quality antiques are designed to last for generations and feature gorgeous oxidized colors, posh pastels and whimsical botanical motifs.

In the sixteenth century the Safavid rulers of Persia influenced rug production in their homeland, and ornate Oushak rugs began to appear. By the seventeenth century, Ottoman Turks oversaw important changes in carpet weaving, and new aesthetic elements came into play. We see the emergence of niched prayer designs, and intricate arabesques were popularized as well.

These advancements helped elevate the already-vaulted craft of Turkic rug production. At the same time, weavers retained many of the popular Central Asian rug patterns that had come into fashion during the Seljuk era and the Timurid reigns before them. In fact, the most recognizable of these patterns is the Memling Gul pattern — the same motif depicted in Renaissance paintings by famed artists such as Holbein.

A variety of tribal styles also emerged, with weavers creating pieces that were idiosyncratic in design. 19th-century Turkish Yuruk pieces, for example, are characterized by their soft, lustrous wool and elemental open designs. In fact, these rugged, evocative pieces are a direct link to the nomadic shepherds who wove them.

Today, many Turkish rugs are still handwoven with all-natural materials including sheep’s wool and silk. Some of these rugs incorporate synthetics for cost effectiveness and durability that meets the demands of today’s lifestyles. Whatever the case, you can find an incredible array of vintage turkish rugs to suit your style on 1stDibs. Our collection includes antiques from Oushak, Hereke, Sivas and more — each offering unique color pairings that can elevate or tone down your space. Shop now to discover the perfect antique rug for your home.

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