Water Soluble Film Manufacturers

Amid growing concerns for eco-friendliness and sustainability, packaging companies are increasingly adopting water soluble film as a sustainable wrapper. These films are odorless, tasteless, and completely transparent and offer an alternative to conventional plastic film for several end-use applications. In addition, they can help in reducing the amount of chemical waste and residues.

Several leading players in the market manufacture water-soluble films. Kuraray, for example, operates its MonoSol division to manufacture polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) films for industrial applications such as unit-dose detergent products, agrochemicals, and dyes, among others. The company’s MonoSol film is a highly customizable product that can be manufactured to meet specific packaging needs in terms of dissolution time, temperature, strength, and stiffness.

Furthermore, MonoSol also works within the protein and supplement industry by manufacturing a pre-portioned supplement packet that dissolves in the shaker bottle, eliminating the hassle of mixing and measuring protein while consuming. The water-soluble film’s unique properties allow consumers to easily consume the correct dose of protein in just one sachet.

Another water-soluble film manufacturer is INFHIDRO, which produces high-performance Hidrochem(r) PVA/PVOH films for the chemical sector. These films are produced for a wide range of applications such as laundry detergents, cleaning products, dish-washing tablets, concrete additives, dyes, agrochemicals, and pool chemicals. They are designed to provide good tensile strength, tear resistance, and puncture protection. They are also able to hold liquids and withstand organic solvents and corrosion. water soluble film manufacturers

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