What is brain cancer Its symptoms and treatment?

You can understand from the name that this cancer grows in the brain part of a person. Brain cancer is also known as a brain tumor. In this condition,What is brain cancer Its symptoms and treatment? Articles a tumor is formed in the brain, which slowly spreads and takes hold of the whole body of the human being.


Brain cancer refers to a form of cancer that begins in the brain. Brain cancer is a type of brain disease in which cancer cells start to form in the brain tissue. Cancer cells are groups of tissues in the brain. Or in the form of a tumor that obstructs brain functions. Such as disturbance of muscle control, sensation, or affect memory and other brain functions.




Cancer that starts in the brain is called a primary brain tumor. This tumor can develop in any part of the brain structure. The cancer that spreads from any other part of the body to the brain, is called secondary brain tumor or brain. This is called metastases. Brain cancer tumors put more pressure on the brain, causing either that tissue to be destroyed or problems in other parts of the body. When symptoms of brain cancer appear, you should immediately consult a specialist.



Brain Tumor Surgery In India



Symptoms of brain cancer



Many times the symptoms of cancer appear, but most people do not pay attention to them, because they are part of the common lifestyle, so often people do not take these symptoms seriously, due to which people are unaware of the disease timely. They stay and cannot get treatment.




Headache- If there is a persistent headache in the head without any disease, it can be a symptom of a brain tumor. Gets lighter.




At the same time, if standing in front of the eyes suddenly becomes dark in front of the eyes and at the same time it feels like dizzy then it can also be a symptom of brain tumor. dewormer for cancer

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