What Is Sports Travel Insurance And What Are The Benefits Of Having It?

As we know, one size does not fit all, and to this end your travel insurance policy may not cover you for all the activities you wish to partake in while you travel, particularly if you are travelling specifically to participate in sports, whether it be for fun, as an amateur or a professional.

Sports Travel Insurance covers you for activities that may be excluded from your standard travel insurance and allows you to participate with peace of mind that should something happen you are fully covered.

Whilst you may think that having this additional cover may seem like you are ‘over insured’ the benefits of having a policy that fully covers you for all your activities far outweighs the additional expense.

The options that you may be able to choose from include:

Activity Top Up

This cover is an add-on to your travel insurance policy and itemises out the activities that you will be participating in that may normally be excluded. This is especially beneficial if you are heading overseas for an adventure holiday, skiing, rock climbing, or other activities that may increase your risk over and above normal day to day activities.


You have peace of mind that you can participate in any of the activities you want you. Your cover can include medical costs, repatriation expenses, and search and rescue.

Sports Personal Cover

If you are travelling to participate in a competition, whether as an amateur or a professional, you will more than likely require additional insurance to cover you for the event. All of the details of the competition are included in your policy and the company will recommend other cover should they think it appropriate


Being injured partaking in sports in another country can impact on life greatly. The benefits of this cover can include rehabilitation costs, medical expenses, personal accident, professional liability, and repatriation. You can purchase your policy for one day, several days, the length of the competition, or in the case of professionals annually.

Sports Team

If you are travelling as part of a team, you will probably have a team policy to cover your travel, but as with personal travel cover, it may not include the sports activity you are participating in, and as you generally travel together, stay in the same accommodation, and participate at the same time, it’s a good idea to extend your policy to cover the sport as well. 해외축구중계

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