When Does Sora Drop From a Pokémon?

When Does Sora Drop From a Pokémon?

If you’re new to Pokémon, you might be wondering when Sora can drop from a certain Pokémon. The good news is that there’s not one answer to this question, because the exact time depends on a number of factors. Some of them include how much you’ve invested in the game and what Pokémon you’re using.

Aerial Sweep

Sora is one of the few characters with strong aerial game. His grab and back aerial are both powerful enough to KO reliably. He also has a solid ledgetrapping game.

Aerial Sweep is an up special move that allows Sora to reach new heights. It works by propelling him upwards while alternating inward and outward strikes. However, its hitboxes are somewhat inconsistent, making it difficult to rely on.

In addition to being a powerful combo finisher, Sora can use Sonic Blade in the up air. This can be a great way to keep opponents off the ground, as they cannot be punished while in the air. The downside is that it leaves Sora wide open.

In addition to being an aerial combo finisher, Sora can also use his down special as an effective edgeguard. It is slow and requires a long time to start, but the landing lag is low.

Another down special that can be used as an edgeguard is Back Throw. It knocks the opponent backwards, but it also deals minimal damage. For extra KO power, try Sora’s backflipping upward arcing strike.

Sora’s other up special is D-Tilt, which functions as a grounded version of Fair. It can be used to combo into U-Air, D-Air, or D-Air.

Sora can counter attacks with his Counterattack, which deflects projectiles. This is a great choice for a counterattack if your opponent has a shield, but it is ineffective against projectiles.

Sora can also combo into Aerial Sweep, as well as into Sonic Blade. He can do this by repeatedly tapping the attack button. Alternatively, he can use Side B to continue attacking upwards.

As a lightweight, Sora’s game is largely dependent on his air game. While he has some excellent air moves, he has trouble dealing with camping, especially on the ground.

Down-tilt normal

Sora has an impressive air game and is able to deal heavy damage to his opponent. His combo game is solid and his up special is a great KO move. However, his ground game isn’t as strong as he’d like. He’s quite slow and has a weak vertical range, which leaves him open to camping attacks.

He’s also susceptible to whiffing attacks. For this reason, he’s very reliant on combos and lengthy combo strings to rack up the damage. This leads to his character being a mid-tier fighter.

Sora’s main combo options are forward smash, up smash, and neutral attack. All three have good KO power and range, but they are not the most reliable. The forward smash and up smash are also the easiest to whiff.

Sora’s counter move is a solid defensive tool, but it only works on characters in front of him. It has a decent amount of knockback and can also deflect projectiles to the backside.

Sora has a few different recovery options, but the Aerial Recovery is a bit slow. There’s not a lot of vertical range, and he loses a double jump. That said, the forward and down aerials have good KO power and are capable of juggling opponents near the upper blast line.

Another versatile move is the backflipping upward arcing strike. Although it has a bit of startup lag, it has decent knockback and can be used to KO out of the down throw.

Sora has some decent ground game tools, but his lack of good anti-air properties make him vulnerable to camping. To avoid this, he should use Magic attacks as neutral coverage. Likewise, he should try to keep his aerials out of his way.

Up and side taunts

If Sora isn’t in the air, he’s usually falling. His downward strike is a good counter against direct attacks, while his up and side taunts when Sora drops can set up combos and drag opponents back closer to the blast lines.

Despite the fact that he possesses the worst grab range, he can still edgeguard a lot of characters. However, he has to be careful not to overextend or whiff.

Aerial Sweep is a multi-hit attack that propels Sora upwards. It has a decent startup, and the hitboxes stay active until the end of the strike. The attack transitions into Sonic Blade, which has good long-distance recovery.

Down and up tilts when Sora drops are similar to Palutena’s up and side taunts, and they’re useful for setting up combos at low percentages. However, they’re also susceptible to lag, which means they’re less reliable.

Sora’s down special is a reflector, allowing him to evade attacks from behind. He can use it to set up combos or even to KO an opponent. But, it’s not an extremely reliable KO option, because it puts him in a rebound state.

Sora’s down special reflects projectiles with a 1.4x damage multiplier, which makes him a viable defensive tool against characters with reflectors. Unlike the down smash, it has a comparatively slow landing lag.


Sora’s counter attack is pretty good at hitting his targets. If you have enough hits, you can actually break your opponent’s shield. The key is timing your attack and catching him in the wrong place.

You’ll probably want to take advantage of the counter move, even if you’re not sure which hit to take. It’s a good move for getting stage control, catching your opponent in the wrong spot, and for deflecting projectiles.

In Kingdom Hearts, there are a few ways to do the counter-move. There’s the one involving a keyblade, the one involving the forward-air, and the one involving the down-tilt.

Sora’s throw is also an impressive move. Not only can it launch your opponent into the air, it can also combo into multiple aerial follow-ups.

Finally, the up special is a pretty good move. It launches your character into the air, even if you’re on the ground.

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