Which Frozen Pies Are Worth Eating?

Frozen pies can be lifesavers during the holidays, when you have company coming or are cooking so much other stuff that there’s just no time to bake a pie. These pies also come in handy when you’re looking for an alternative to cake.

Whether you’re in the mood for a fruity, creamy, or savory filling, there’s probably a frozen pie in your freezer aisle to meet your needs. But which ones are worth eating? We sampled a few different frozen dessert pies from some of the big players in the grocery store to find out.

Marie Callender
There’s no denying that the Marie Callender brand has made a name for itself in the frozen dessert business. The pies are sold in her licensed green boxes and can be found in most grocery stores. The pies tend to have a denser texture than those baked right out of the oven.

Raised Gluten Free
This brand places a high importance on foods that are both gluten-free and vegan, which is evident in the products they offer. Their pot pies are delicious and are available at most major grocery stores. They also have a variety of other foods, including pizza and ice cream, that are gluten-free. فطائر مجمدة

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