Wholesale Angel Figurines – Divine, Ethereal and Radiant

Divine, ethereal and radiant, our elegant collection of wholesale angel figurines is sure to add a touch of heaven to your retail gift shop. Browse a variety of unique sculpted angel design gifts including ones with messages printed on their dresses, one holding flowers and more to inspire faith and goodwill among your gift shoppers.

Hand-Painted Resin Sculpture Assortment

Add a touch of elegance to your home with this collection. Each angel features a hand-painted dress with iridescent glitter dusted throughout. One angel holds a trumpet and another plays a violin while a third angel is playing a harp. Each statue stands approximately 4 inches tall and is made of cold-cast resin.

The Design House 395891 indoor/outdoor 3-piece Summer Chipmunk Figurine assortment features Hank, Gus and Dewey. Made of durable polyresin and hand-painted with intricate details, this cute group is a fun addition to your display or makes a great gift for family & friends.

Custom resin paintings are available (prices vary). Place your order below. Within 24 hours, resin artist Lauren Andrews will contact you with a more accurate total cost and estimated completion date. You may cancel your order up to 48 hours after placing it for a full refund of your deposit. You will receive updates [including pictures/videos] from Lauren throughout the painting process.

Angels Wear Dresses

Traditional Christian lore and mythography never depict angels as wearing clothing with the exception of cherubs. However, in the art of the time, they were often shown dressed in various types of clothing as well as naked. This is likely due to the fact that artists wanted their angels to appear more beautiful rather than like a regular human being. However, this is not true of all representations of angels because the angels in Revelation are portrayed naked.

The angels that were commissioned to guard the throne in Late Antique art came to be shown with more conventional military clothing. This could be a basic military dress with a tunic to about the knees and armour breastplate or, more often, they would wear the specific loros worn by the bodyguards of Byzantine Emperors.

Other angels, such as the angels that are depicted in icons of archangels, came to be shown with long robes. These were adorned with gold and jewels to symbolize wealth as well as the divine nature of the angels.

While some of the images in Angels Wear White may seem to portray angels as having a very feminine appearance, the film is not a soft-core film and avoids melodrama and sensationalism. There are no profuse tears, no violent wrath and no direct confrontation of good and evil. This subdued tone is perhaps the only way that such a film could be made and screened in China.

Angels Hold Flowers

Angels hold flowers in their hands to show love and affection for those they care about. These angels are made of resin and have hand-painted recessed messages such as “Faith in the Lord means faith in his timing” and “You are stronger than you realize and loved more than you know.”

These beautiful sculpted angels are a great gift for someone who is in need of some extra loving support. They also make a great addition to any home decor.

Our collection of figurative angels comes in many different styles and poses so you can find the perfect one to match the occasion or sentiment. Choose from angels that are holding babies, a mother and child, or just sitting. You can even get a couple of them to give as a set for a bride and groom or a new home.

These decorative angels come with their own accessories so you can use them in your floral designs. The larger ones look great with a green plant or in a dish garden, while the smaller angels are perfect for adding to a gift basket or as a keepsake for yourself. They also make a thoughtful gift for graduates, students or teachers to let them know you are thinking of them. These lovely little angels can be a reminder of gentle energy and wisdom at any time.

Angels Praying

The beauty of these angels exudes peace and serenity. The burgundy and deep sage green colors of their wings, harps, and lutes will add a delightful accent to any room or office. They are also the perfect gift for someone you care about.

The 8 inch angels are sculpted kneeling in worship praying and playing their harps and lutes. The angels are painted in a rich burgundy and deep sage color with gold halos, wings, and instruments. This is an excellent angel gift for Christmas or any time of year.

These sturdily made angels come with their own custom-made display stand that allows them to be displayed either on the table or from the shelf. The base features a clear glass panel that will let you see the angels from all sides and will enhance the appearance of your figurine.

Although the Bible does not explicitly mention prayer angels, we know that God sends them to us. The primary purpose of these heavenly spirits is to direct our prayers to the triune God and to point humanity to His glory. This is why Jesus’s prayers always begin with “Our Father…” In addition, many of the requests that Jesus makes of His Father could only be fulfilled by an angel with omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent powers. It is therefore only right to pray to the one who can grant those requests.

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