Why Choose Pre Insulated Ductwork?

Choosing the right pre insulated ducting is vital to ensure proper performance and minimal air leakage. This can lead to increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, and improved indoor air quality. It’s also important to choose a duct that meets industry standards and is fire-rated, to help protect against harmful pollutants and toxins.

Insulation helps reduce noise transmission and vibrations, making it suitable for applications where occupant comfort is a priority. It can also help minimize thermal bridging, reducing heat loss and maximizing system efficiency. This makes it ideal for use in commercial and industrial buildings.

Pre insulated ducts come pre-fabricated with integrated insulation, eliminating the need for separate insulation installation on site. This can significantly reduce overall installation time and save labour costs. Unlike traditional steel ducts, these systems are also lightweight, making them easy to transport and assemble on-site. They can even be supplied with specialised connection drawbands, helping to simplify the installation process.

Pre-insulated ducts are also a great choice for modular construction projects, as they can be easily cut and fabricated on-site using standard tools. They can also be supplied with SDM (Straight Duct Method) guidelines on the facing to facilitate on-site manufacturing, ensuring a speedy one-stage installation. This can significantly reduce construction schedules and costs, while providing higher R-Value performance, and lower air leakage. This can contribute to greater energy savings, reducing both operational and heating costs over the lifetime of the building. Lastly, a pre-insulated duct can be used to connect to existing or new HVAC systems and meet ventilation requirements. pre insulated ductwork

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