Why You Might Want to Change the Name on Your iPhone

Why You Might Want to Change the Name on Your iPhone

There are a few reasons you might want to change the name of your iPhone. It can be a security and privacy concern, or just for fun.

The name of your iPhone shows up in a lot of places, including AirDrop, iCloud backups, and when you use Personal Hotspot or Find My. But changing it is surprisingly easy.


Your iPhone has a default device name that it uses to identify itself to other Bluetooth devices. This helps you avoid confusion when using AirDrop or Personal Hotspot, as well as sharing files with other devices on your network.

If you’re not satisfied with the default name, or you want to spice it up a bit, you can change it in a few different ways. First, you can do it directly from the Settings app.

Second, you can also do it from the computer that you sync your iPhone with. Once you’ve changed the name, iTunes will automatically re-sync and save it for you.

Changing the name on your iPhone or iPad will make it easier to distinguish from other devices in the vicinity. It will also show up in a number of places, including when you share files with other devices through AirDrop, view iCloud backups, use Find My iPhone/iPad which is used to track lost or stolen devices, and even manage your phone when connected to your Mac.


The iPhone is an incredibly capable device, but it also has its flaws. For example, the device’s battery life can be a drag if you don’t plan ahead. However, the iPhone does have some nice perks that can make life a little easier for you and your family. Changing the name on your phone is one way to make your device stand out from the crowd.

You can change the name of your iPhone via the Settings app on your iPhone or iCloud on your computer or both. The most notable feature is that the change will be reflected on all connected devices, including iCloud, AirDrop and Bluetooth. Changing the name of your iPhone isn’t as complicated as you might expect, and the result is an improved version of your favorite mobile phone. It’s also well worth the effort, as your new phone will be much easier to find when you need it most. Best of all, you’ll have a more pleasant experience when you’re on the go.


When you first set up your iPhone, it comes with a default name. This makes it easier to find when sharing files via AirDrop or using Personal Hotspot, but it can be confusing if there are multiple iPhones in your household.

You can change your device’s name in a few easy steps. Just connect your iPhone to a computer and use iTunes on PCs or older Macs, or Finder on newer Macs.

When you change your iPhone’s device name, the change is immediately visible on iCloud, iMessage, AirDrop, Bluetooth, and the Find My app. The change is also synced with other connected devices, such as a personal hotspot or a Mac laptop.


Your iPhone has a name, and you might want to change it for privacy or security reasons. The device’s name shows up in AirDrop, iCloud backups, your Personal Hotspot, and when you connect to a computer.

While the default name of your iPhone is ‘iPhone’, it’s possible to change this by using the settings on the device. This change will be immediately reflected on all connected devices, via iCloud and in the Find My app.

Changing the device’s name can also make it easier to identify if you’re selling or giving away your Apple device. It’s especially useful when you have several iPhones in the house and are trying to figure out which one is which.

The process for changing the name of your iPhone is incredibly simple, and it doesn’t affect any existing settings. It can be done in a few quick steps from the Settings app, or using iTunes on Windows and older macOS devices.

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