YouTube Premium Subscription

YouTube is one of the most popular online video streaming platforms. It has millions of users around the world. The platform offers videos but also features advertisements that interrupt the viewing experience. This can be very irritating especially when the video is not available in an ad-free version. For those who have a recurring issue with ads on YouTube, there are many solutions available like using an ad blocker.

YouTube Premium Subscription is a paid membership service that provides members with a more enhanced YouTube experience. The subscription includes benefits on the YouTube app, YouTube Music, and YouTube Kids. YouTube Premium is currently available in select countries and is priced at Rs 129 per month.

With YouTube Premium, you can download videos to watch offline later — great for a plane flight or any time you want to save your mobile data or expect poor reception. This is in addition to the ad-free viewing experience and access to original series and movies that only YouTube Premium members can watch.

With a YouTube Premium family plan, you can share the ad-free, offline music and downloaded content with household members. You’ll still use your own personal Google Account connected to the membership but as the plan administrator (also known as the family manager), you’ll have a few additional powers. The other members of the family will receive an invitation to join the plan, and once they accept you’ll be able to manage their content from the YouTube Premium settings menu. اشتراك يوتيوب بريميوم

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